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Hen Tracker online chicken egg production monitor
Hen tracker is a first of its kind chicken egg production tracker. By visiting every day and inputting how many eggs you have collected you will build a history which you can then look at in reports complete with graphs. Hen Tracker will also track your expenses and income related to your chickens. You will also be able to join our growing community of poultry enthusiast and backyard farmers. You will be able to share and see pictures of chickens and chicken coops. get helpful advice and tips. Plus members get exclusive access to our chicken coop plans. What are you waiting for visit Hen Tracker today. more info >>
Hollis Hills Farm was started in 2009 by Jim and Allen. It took over the previous farm that had been there for many years, Marshalls Farm. It is located in Fitchburg, MA. We offer apple picking, hay rides, pumpkin picking with your family and many other things. We have a store inside that offers all things we grow on our farm. To this arm we also added beef cows which you can preorder meet from us! It is with love that we have built it and we hope to grow and share our success of this farm with the world. more info >>
With the population of bees on a rapid decline, beekeeping now more than ever serves two purposes - protecting the environment and as a general hobby. However, getting started in beekeeping can be a daunting task, and that is why this site was created. This site is aimed at beginners an organizes information in a way that is easy to digest. The 3 step program will start you off from the very basics, introducing you to what exactly beekeeping is and what it entails, where to get your bees, and the general costs associated with practice. You will also learn about beekeeping equipment, which is essential in not only protecting yourself, but also in reaping what you've sown, that is, extracting honey. more info >>
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