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For a long time rural living was considered owning a farm out in the middle of nowhere and tending to that farm. This is not the case anymore as rural areas and countryside are now two different places to live that both fall under the umbrella of rural living. This way of life speaks to anyone who lives outside of cities or other high population areas. I’m sure a large portion of those reading this right now live anywhere from 10-30 miles outside of the city you work in - that is the definition of rural living. Suburban areas have become very popular in the last 20 years and bridge the gap between urban living and rural living but there is still a very large contingent of people that prefer a slower way of life. If you have more than a half acre of land and need to drive a few miles to a grocery store than in this day in age that is the definition of rural living. There is a peace to living outside of the hustle and bustle of the new information age way of living and this is the place to do it. In our rural living directory you will find all the information, resources and links on rural living from what it means specifically to live a rural life, how to find great rural homes across the US to tips on the traditional rural lifestyle that may include hunting, fishing, farming and more.
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