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Learn touch typing on your desktop or laptop. Over 50 exercises and tutorials, a multiplicity of methodologies to improve learning, built-in typing games, logging in learning effort and progress with options to view progress in many different ways make typing pundit an excellent utility for any child to learn touch typing. Free brain games loaded with TypingPundit enhances the value of the program as a family software. Brain games that improve memory, attention span, logic and brain speed can be played by all members of any family. Playing mind games together as a family can be entertaining, empowering as well as help the family to stay together. Shortly TypingPundit will have options to listen to audio and type in the process helping to improve pronunciation and spellings. more info >>
The website provides an easy way to learn programming. Kids love computer games, so we created a easy to use framework which simplifies building games in JavaScript. Simple tutorials will teach kids to create game characters and move them around. Your kids will be writing real JavaScript, which is a very popular programming language that runs almost everywhere. They can also share their creations with friends and family, which makes this even more fun. Fun challanges (puzzles), tutorials and examples will show you how to get started. The website is free to use and no registration is required. Have fun! more info >>
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