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In this directory, we collect links on kids, teens, and computers. History has shown that with every emerging technology, there is a set of first adopters, the group of users who have jumped in and explored what was possible with the new tools at their fingertips. This is true of computer technology as well. In modern day, computers have become an almost invisible technology to kids and teens; it is so ingrained in their lives that they give it no more thought than turning on a television or riding in a car. Software and hardware advances for computers have allowed kids and teens to interact in ways unimagined in the previous generation. Computer chats and forums let them express themselves from anywhere on the globe. Computer games continue to grow in complexity and realism, helping kids and teens become immersed in the experience of play. The increase in computer graphics and in processing powers means that this trend of realism is only expected to continue. You can also find kids and teens at work on computers completing school assignments, using lightweight computers to scan the World Wide Web for content, or networking through social media to share a comment on a story with their friends. The resulting interest and culture of computer use has mean that even more resources have been developed for the study, training, and understanding of computers. By having these resources listed in one place--the goal of our directory--we hope to help advance what computers can do.
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