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ABC's and 123's
Personalised Childrens Books
Personalised Childrens Books promotes learning for babies and toddlers. Your childs name is part of the story in these beautifully illustrated childrens books. Many stories to choose from for your baby or toddler.Your child will be part of an adventure that they could only dream of. Learning lots of different things along the way. They will gon on holidays, collect produce from the farm and fly through the sky with the fairies. Some books they can actually do what the story tell thems them they can do. Children love to hear familiar things in stories, just like thier own name. more info >>
Infant Day care | Childcare Centers
For so many years Little Kingdom Child care serves Encinitas,ca in the field of child care. Little kingdom really understand what infant care is. It`s run by fully qualified teachers who understand the need of an infant and toddlers. Our method of teaching enhances child’s social, emotional and congnitive development That`s why we are the best choice for child care services. We have CPR and 1st aid certified teachers. Our teachers have 12 child development units out of which 3 of the units must be infant and toddler. Our mirror equipped class room helps children learn self recognition.Our programs like baby Einstein to begin cognitive development at an early age is very useful for a child. more info >>
Baby Einstein, Brainy Baby Gifts, Baby DVDs, Books, Baby Educational DVDs and CDs, Baby Shower Gifts and more Brilliant Babies Provides educational baby DVDs such as Baby einstein, brainy babies DVD and playtime as well as music for babies. Educate and entertain your baby. Make your baby brilliant with a head start from baby einstein and brainy babies dvds. Brainy babies art dvd introduces fundamentals of art including color, texture, mediums and more. Other titles include baby van gogh, newtown shapes and colour, baby Mozart and baby mcdonald. Brilliant babies also has organic baby creams and powders, baby books, baby music to soothe your baby, baby toys for fun, and prints to brigten your babies nursery more info >>
Yellow Door supply high quality teaching resources for early years, kindergarten, 1st grade and special educational needs children. Teaching resources include ranges of products for aiding the teaching of early childhood skills in math, literacy, speaking and listening. In additional to more traditional products, Yellow Door also offer a range of software products that are suitable for PC, MAC and whiteboards including SMART and Promethian whiteboards and will shortly be launching a range of downloads covering popular themes such as nursery rhymes. Yellow Door supply a range of ICT related products that use the latest technology to aid teaching, specifically in areas of speaking and listening. These include items such as tuff-cams and microphones suitable for little hands and robust enough to endure rough treatment in the playground. more info >>
The Red Apple Reading program is web based reading software for kids which is designed to assist preschooler children, who can learn how to read, and currently struggling with reading of American English. We offer the the best and most suitable in visual based learning techniques, focusing on Common Core standards, and Key concepts and activities for achieving success! Our aim is basically to avail reading software for kids so that they can learn in a very efficient and effective manner. Red Apple Reading tries to teach the children by means of educational videos & learning games, which can be downloaded from our site. This approach is effective because using this a child grow in actual manner and learns a lot. more info >>
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