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Drawing and Coloring
On the website NickjrFun you´ll find printable coloring pages (and images and wallpapers in different resolutions) from Dora the Explorer, Go Diego Go, Yo Gabba Gabba and more, especially for pre-school children. These are all very popular shows on Nick Jr for the little kids with ages between 1 and 4. In these shows many things will happen, like the great adventures of Diego, Dora and Boots, but also a lot of dancing (like breakdancing) and singing with Yo Gabba Gabba. Besides the funny things, also serious things will come along, like counting, friendship, playing together and basic daily things. For the children these shows are very relaxing and very educational at the same time. Find your favorite coloring pages, print it, grab your pencils and crafts and color it in. When you scan and email the colored coloring page, we´ll place it on the website with your name, age and country. more info >>
Searching for a free coloring page? We have the best online free printable coloring pages for kids. Make yourself and your children happy and print one of the coloring pages, pictures and sheets. We offer the best Dora, Micky Mouse, Pluto, Horse coloring coloring pages and mutch more. Do you have a suggestion for us of a coloring page you like? Please let us know and we will find and place it for you? On a rainy day or a sunny day coloring is a educational activity to do for your kids. You can use it for a party you give. Or just as a gift for grantparents or other loved one. Visit our website and enjoy the free coloring pages you can print and color. more info >>
Little Angel British Nursery located in between of Sharjah and Ajman,UAE is an early childhood learning center for day care, pre-school and kindergarten(KG)with Montessori school curriculum. Little Angel British Nursery is a Montessori school that offer nursery and day care services. We have quality staff to teach and take care the toddlers. We believe that children will learn & develop while playing provided with the right environment. We have a lot of Fun filled activities that children will really enjoy will staying in the nursery. We believe in providing the right environment which enables the child to learn and develop while playing. more info >>
Montessori, Nursery Rhymes and Nursery Directory
A collection of nursery rhymes both Sinhala and English, Children`s songs, Nursery Directory, learning activities. Basally this is suitable for school children`s age group 3 - 6 years. There will be a fun activities such as games, puzzle activities, coloring, matching, download pictures, images, screens etc for nursery activities. Website was launched by 2012, since we have seen there could be potential market through kids. At the moment we are marketing this with in the Sri Lanka. If anybody required to advertise anything related to kids, I can upload the stuff. Childrens with play whatever in the website. more info >>
This website is all about kids activities like games, songs, drawing and fairytales. We address to all greek kids and moms. Our blog contains various information about matters that parents should know. The categories are: paidika paramythia, paidika paixnidia, paidika tragoudia and zografiki gia paidia. Here in Greece, there are plenty of websites about kids and parents but we want to stand off the croud and provide parents the perfect site to find drawings, songs and games to entertain their children. Stop by and tell us your opinion on how we would make our website better and of course you can write for us if you want. more info >>
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