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Children are color of life and most beautiful creation of Allah Almighty. My Site is collection of beautiful and amazing collection of pictures of kids. These kids are belong to every corner of life form USA to Africa and Asia to Europe you can see best collection of pictures. These beautiful and unique pictures are also have one clear message kids are our most precious asset and it is responsibility for every nation and individual to provide them best facilitates of life. Kids need foods shelter and education in every part of life but unfortunately due to raising poverty kids are facing bad to worst these day my blog have several pictures of kids who belong to most poor countries and don't have enough facilitates. more info >>
I write about books and fiction. Most of my works are book reviews and music. I have also written about India and Indian cuisine. This is a unique platform to share my thoughts about all the things I love and want to write about them. I totally adore books and love to converse about them, and this way I can. I also like to share the works of fiction I write. I hope you'll like them. The other part of my life which is totally necessary is music. Everyone has different taste in music but music is universal, right? Everyone loves music. I hope you will read my articles and suggest ways to make them better. more info >>
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