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Become a teen is an exciting and scary time for every adolescent. Bodies and minds are changing as they try and figure out a balance to bridge the gap between childhood and adulthood. Teen life in the modern era is filled with trips to the mall, movies with friends, finding a first job, balancing work and school, becoming a driver and learning the consequences of sex, drugs and alcohol. It’s the first time in our young lives that we really and truly care more about what our peers think and say than our parents. Most of us remember this as a scary time in some ways but it always was filled with great learning experiences, fun times with friends and helped shape who we are today. In the teen life section you will find a multitude of resources, self help items, links and stories that will answer those unanswered questions and offer up advice and insight of tough situations. You can hear about the negative effects of experimenting with drugs and alcohol, learn how to get your first job, gather insight on responsibilities that come with growing up and find out the top entertainment destinations and locations for teens. Our teen life directory was created with parents and teens in mind because we know everyone has questions. We not only have answers but links to stories where you can hear about teens that have already gone through it. Happy reading and good luck with teen life!
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