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News Articles by Tom Rose
I write news articles daily about whatever interests me from news to sports to entertainment and technology or even science. Whatever is current and different. I write Monday through Friday about 5-10 articles a day and I try to inject some humor into my writing so the content is not dry and boring. Hopefully you will click on my stories and enjoy my writing. Although I generally recycle breaking news, I try to put my own spin on the story for a different, slightly askew angle. Please bookmark my site and return daily for another dose of my perspective. Thanks! more info >>
News analysis network for all users around the world. With subjects about politices and oil policies and pice and the relation between islamic republic of iran and unated sates. Our media is going to say to people the world that What is truth about iran and iranian peaple? The ipress belive that Foreign media do not publish the truth about Iran and this implies that the media is telling the truth. IPress tends to be peace in the world And their effort is based on the belief. Ipress wants to tell people all the world that Iran`s peaceful nuclear activities. Human rights in this country to be fully implemented. While the convenience factor is high in Iran. more info >>
Global Innovation News
Global Innovation News or GIN is dedicated to finding, connecting and sharing interesting new technologies, best practices, lessons learned, and key projects around areas we believe are important. Our specific topics include: Business, Green, Society, and Web & Software. GIN plans to expand over time to other areas such as Design and Living. Everyone is a publisher and content is the medium of exchange. This virtual overload of information makes the nuggets of innovative gold, harder and harder to come by. Thus we believe there is great value in collecting, organizing and sharing innovations from around the world in networks of knowledge. more info >>
bonjupatten/The Word Warrior Press
Bonjukian Patten is the name of the site but it also the surname and the married name of its owner, Catherine Bonjukian Patten aka Bonju Patten aka Creative Writer, Blogger, Screenwriter, Playwright, Teacher and Musician. It's a long lifetime and she lives it in a creative manner while she works to help others maintain and construct their bookkeeping and office managerial needs in her daily work life. Cathy has an opinion about all facets of life and experience around us; sometimes her opinion is emotional but curbing that enthusiasm she is now starting off with a new blog called THE WORD WARRIOR PRESS. She has also been an active columnist for the Huffington Post (Superuser) as well as another political online community and international newspaper called THE DAILY JOURNALIST. Instead of just critical analysis, Cathy tries to sort out a proper alternative to a solution concerning each situation. Most columnists just criticize the subject of their posts; she tries to find alternative ways to make their projects better. more info >>
NoticiasdelDF es un Portal de planeación estratégica para noticias, comprometido con la verdad, integro, sin tintes amarillistas, con noticias de las Delegaciones políticas, medio ambiente, deportes, turísmo, economía, tecnología, salud, y estados de México, donde la información que se proporciona corresponde a los gobiernos locales, dando a conocer toda la información de mayor importancia en tiempo real. Somos responsables en el manejo de la información, toda es verificada por nuestros reporteros y columnistas, tenemos un boletín de suscripción, para que puedas recibir las noticias directamente en tu celular, para comodidad de nuestros usuarios. Traemos para tí las mejores noticias del Distrito Federal y del País - NoticiasdelDF more info >>
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