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In this directory, we publish links on news analysis and opinion. This content can come from a variety of sources. The analysis and opinion may be that of a specific magazine or e-zine. It is common for publications to offer an analysis or opinion section separately from the other news that they offer. This allows the publication to present its perspective on facts that may be interpreted in different ways, and it can then maintain that other news stories--the ones outside of analysis and opinion--are factual and without this type of bias. However, some publications present factual content with a specific world view or perspective. A good example is political analysis and opinion. The interpretation of this type of news can actually influence the outcome of political decisions. If one candidate is seen as trailing in a political race, voters may decide not to attend the polls on an election day because the analysis suggests that the battle is a losing fight. For this reason, some consumers prefer to follow specific columnists, who state up-front that their content is delivered with bias. The value of this type of analysis is that we as news consumers are provided new perspectives from thought leaders on events in our world. We can compare and contrast different columnists, consider their opinions and the points they make at the extremes of issues, and then decide for ourselves which analysis makes the most persuasive argument. See the links that we collect in our directory for more information.
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