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Fans 4 Fans is a site dedicated to reviews of music, sports, games, movies and television. We are fans that write for the fans and we'll put in words the way we really see it. Join our forum and speak your mind too. Our goal is to have the voice of the fans loud and clear with no substitute. In sports, we cover everything from the NFL to MMA. In Movies, Music, Games and Television, we cover the most recent releases or upcoming projects. Not only do we do written articles we do video reviews. Its up to us the fans to voice our opinions on topics that regular media dances around. more info >>
The website provides information on the various topics of economics, finance. The website is dedicated to all those people who love and like topics from the world of finance. I would like people to visit my blog and share their opinions and views. The blog provides information on some subjects like globalization, liberalization and privatization that was adopted by India in 1991, the sub- prime crisis that shocked the world in 2007, outsourcing, hawala trading and a lot more. Do visit and read the articles and don’t forget to post comments so that I can provide more information. All the best, Cheers. more info >>
Geordie Bore is the online portal used by a northerner currently living in the south of the UK. It is used to promote said geordies thoughts and feelings on a wide variety of matters with the sole intent of creating and promoting discussion. It is a recent addition to the world of the internet, but has already made a large impact in a relatively small space of time, regularly read and shared by tv news presenters in the UK, Geordie Bore aims to build on the momentum and become the forefront of political discussion on those random matters, which comedic twist, that nobody else dares to look at. more info >>
Blog Sikarap
A personal website that write a lot about entertainment, gossips, musics, artist, and current issues. I'm a fan of footbal. Sikarap simply means scrappy. The main language of this site is Malay but don't get panic because there is google translate provided. Most of the time, i'll post about the current trending issues in Malaysian Entertainment news. Sometime i'll post about traffic building, SEO, and link building from other sites. I also welcome those who want to exchange link with me. Experts say that link exchange will help to increase page rank. So, why don't give it a try. Enjoy reading and happy blogging. more info >>
The English version of the popular multi-author Italian blog «L'Indipendente». This blog deals with several different subjects, grouped in categories. All articles are original, that is, they are not clones of articles published on other blogs or newspapers. Articles are in English, Italian, or both languages. If a single language is provided, the other one can be obtained by translation. Comments can be in English, Italian, French, and Spanish only. Search is available by free text, tags, date, author, and category. The blog is available in Italian language too. It is possible to log in by using a Wordpress, Facebook, Twitter, Google, or Yahoo account. Articles can be rated on the major social networks. more info >>
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