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in this website all of our users ask questions by submitting a picture with it. the picture that you use should pertain to the question (so basically yahoo answers with a different theme going on). It is ideal that users ask a question pertaining to their picture and all of our users will answer them along with a small group of people that we have hired. So we are basically trying to start a community. We are a brand new ask service and we need users as soon as possible. We feel that this website has a lot of potential so please sign up and start asking away! more info >>
Free forum to post anything, submit free dofollow link to your website, members area for visitor, registered member have a lot of feature when log in, most features are available for registered member, tutorial about evything, discussion of any topic, new news about new website that you can submit link, new news about social media, add as much ads for your business, there is no limitation, we`re currently adding more feature for all visitor, you have an option either to link back to this forum or not but it would be nice and we very appreciate if you do, it not just a forum, it`s a family. more info >>
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