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In this directory, we house links for News Chats and Forums. The links here are broken down into a variety of categories, but they have two general divisions: links that deal with specific news topics and links that offer specific technologies for taking part in chats and forums. You may be interested in chat room hosting and services so that you can hold ongoing conversations with those interested in similar news stories. Or, you might prefer to quickly enter a discussion through the medium of instant messaging. Telnet is an older technology that allows you to communicate in a way similar to email, while video and voice represent internet chat technologies more similar to the modern day television and telephone. There are a lot of issues you may want to discuss in the news chats and forums. The speed at which news breaks means that we as consumers do not always have the time to digest a story or to understand it in the level of detail that will help us react to it. Instead, we rely often on the spin a story receives from the publication in which we read it, and we assume that the details provided are the complete story. Chats and forums allow us to learn more from others who have might offer perspective that can influence how we feel about a story. For this reason, we collect links that help to connect users to one another and to understand better the world around them.
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