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When it comes to news, archives are the glue that keeps our history together. Without massive databases of what has happened in the past and detailed accounts of history we wouldn’t have a way to go back and see how our society has become what it is today. We would be forced to repeat awful things that have already happened and be unable to further advance the positive things that make us progressive. We certainly wouldn’t be to the point where we can keep hundreds of years on news and information on a computer database instead of a 500,000 square foot archive building. Because of our advancements, we now have the ability to access news through online archives without living the comforts of our home, office or local library. It is the most efficient way we have ever been able to compile news and offer it up to the public and it is here to stay. Whether you want to read your great great grandmother’s obituary or a newspaper article from a murder in California in 1967 – you have the ability to do it and do it quickly. With our directory on online archives you can enhance that process even further by having all the information, links and resources you would ever need at your fingertips. News will be forever archived and linked to and this directory offers a way to access it efficiently. Next time you need some news information you can save some gas and time and use resources prepared for your needs.
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