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MOSCOW, March 30 - RIA Novosti, Elena Gutkin. Sending invitations for Russian and foreign experts to work on a second Yukos affair will begin in the next two weeks, told RIA Novosti on Wednesday, the chairman of the Presidential Council on Civil Society and Human Rights, Mikhail Fedotov. Ex-Yukos CEO Mikhail Khodorkovsky and former head of MFO Menatep Platon Lebedev in late 2010 were sentenced to 14 years in prison for stealing oil and laundering of proceeds from its sale. The defense appealed against the verdict, thus postponing its entry into force. "We will send experts to be invited to participate in this public survey, stating the principles that we asked to guide this work ... I think that during this, next week will begin invitations. Getting answers will take some more time "- said Fedotov. more info >>
HAVANA, March 30 - RIA Novosti, Oleg Vyazmitinov. Former U.S. president Jimmy Carter on Wednesday called for the lifting of trade and economic embargo declared by the U.S. against Cuba, and to exclude Cuba from the list of countries supporting terrorism. According to the ex-president, the Helms-Burton Act, passed in 1996 during the presidency of Bill Clinton and tighten the embargo should be completely abolished. Its adoption and signing was a mistake, the law itself is counterproductive, I'm sure Carter. "I personally would like to see the Helms-Burton would have been completely abolished. I think that the adoption and signing of this law was a serious mistake," - said Carter, speaking at a press conference in Havana's Palace of Congresses. more info >>
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