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Find out how international aircraft registration numbers work? This is also known as N or tail numbers. These registration numbers contained a country prefix or code. Most countries` prefixes are listed in alphabetical order on this website. It also include news and history snippets about aviation, aircraft and airlines. Like a news snippet about a jet aircraft running on coal, extra-info on a runway made partly out of gold and info about aircraft tires. It features pictures of airliners that include a photograph of a Kulula Airlines Boeing 737-800 at Lanseria Airport west of Johannesburg, South Africa, one of a TAAG Boeing 747-300 at Johannesburg International Airport, and a picture of an Boeing 777-300ER of Emirates at Cape Town International Airport. more info >>
AviaStock is a free aviation related classified ads website. Professional and private advertisers offer their flying machines for sale, lease or rent in Europe and all around the world. The aircraft type classification and the easy to use incorporated search engine allows you to find easily what you are looking for. From ultralights to airliners, through helicopters and fighter jets, all faces of aviation have their place on AviaStock. If you canno t find the aircraft of your dreams, you can add an avialert. This latter will send you an e-mail when an ad matching your search criteria is added on the website. You can also search for spare parts or avionics in the dedicated section of the website. more info >>
The Best Hobby Drone Buying Guide 2015
HobbyDronesReviewed provides unbiased reviews on the markets latest drones. Quadcopter drones are an exciting technological advancement that now allows humans to take the skies in a new and fun way. Drones can provide a birds eye view and live streaming video. This is very popular for real estate agents capturing footage of a home for sale, for home owners surveying their property, or even for stock documentary footage. Quadcopters are proving to be extremely versatile machines that can tackle problems in exciting and fun ways. The drones reviewed are often "quadcopters" consisting of 4 rotors, and a main frame. There are key differences between different quadcopters, such as durability, price, skill level needed, whether it has a camera or not, and if so - that cameras quality. These aspects are the issues that we here at HobbyDronesReviewed investigate when we are reviewing a particular drone. more info >>
Best Personal Drones is an advisory site focused on providing advice on the top 3 consumer drones. We run their benefits, their flaws, and where we recommend buying them to ensure strong technical support by the seller. Best Personal Drones was started by an engineering student from Purdue University with a strong background in mechanical engineering and the development of drone platforms. Having built numerous drone platforms and getting a vast number of inquiries around which drones would be best, Bret (the founder of the site) decided to pull together a simple straight to the point, condensed review of what the best drones are for civilian usage. Whether it be for flying in the backyard or if you're looking to start a business with your a drone, Best Personal Drones hopes to provide you the starting point for doing so. more info >>
This is a website dedicated to giving information in relation to all the different RC vehicles. Some of the RC vehicles that are discussed are RC planes, drones, helicopters and cars. It is full of guides such as how to get started with quadcopter racing, as well as having how to's, advice, and reviews that should help people expand their knowledge regarding anything RC related. The site is also intended to give people a more in depth perspective before they make any purchases so that they can have the highest quality RC vehicles and/or equipment for the lowest possible price. more info >>
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