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Aviation is the field in which humankind takes to the sky and overcomes gravity, and here in this directory, we collect links on the subject. Since people first saw the sky, they dreamed of going places that their bodies alone could not take them. Technological advances over the centuries have allowed us in modern day to see aviation as commonplace. Today, we think nothing of purchasing a ticket, boarding an airplane, and flying from one end of a country (or the world) to the other. Aviation still fascinates many, though. Our directory publishes links on a variety of aviation subjects. There are many aircraft available to aviation enthusiasts. Most people think of airplanes when they think of flying. However, hot air ballooning and helicopters are other modes. Other people have a passion for creating of models that emulate real flight. Aviation inspires these hobbies and more. It has also led to a world of operations and processes to ensure that aviation remains safe. Airfields have been built, air traffic control measures have been put in place, and training programs for ground and air crew have helped secure aviation for us all. There are also the more specific interests in aviation, such as military history. The use of fighter jets, bombers, spy planes, and unmanned drones have transformed combat between nations and sub-national entities. As a result, aviation has decided the battles that have intrigued military historians for decades. For these reasons and more, we dedicate this space to the world of aviation.

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