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Paramotor Sports Blog
Hi! Rob Whittaker here and welcome to the Paramotor Sports Blog!! Let me tell you a little about how I got into the sport and why, Here is mine: My Wife Samantha and I have always shared the dream of learning how to fly. Ever since childhood, we wanted to make the earth our personal playground. We were always busy-bodies as children, and always seeking the next great adventure. We both tried Martial Arts, and other adventure sports growing up so we share the same interests. We finally discovered Powered Paragliding a few years back and that was basically `it` for us. We were lucky enough to come into contact with some amazing instructors who captivated us even further. After running Karate schools for years, my Wife and I had acquired the teaching skills needed to instruct Powered Paragliding. After the first time of touching a cloud, we decided to stick with this for the rest of our lives. Our Paramotor Sports blog is our way of getting exciting news, videos, and products out there. It`s really important to us that we continue exposing more people to this life-changing sport. It`s our small way of having an impact on the world! more info >>
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