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Skydive Collegeville is the most friendly skydiving in the US Northeast. We love skydive and we will do everything possible to share our passion and make your jump one of the most unique experinces in your life. We are focused on first jump using the Tandem method which is the fastest and most effective way to experince freefall, parachute ride and landing while having someone very experinced at all times with you. This way it is possible for you (passenger or student), to concentrate and enjoy the jump knowing that, someone will open the parachute even if you do not. We can also record the whole journey using a handycam and take videos and photos so you can watch and remember the whole ride again. There are two options to record your jump. Your instructor may carry a wide angle camera and take the video or you may have an external videographer / photographer who will be flying in front of you while he register every moment from an outside perspective. Come on, join us and have the time of your life more info >>
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