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Fart Jokes and Gag Novelties
Few things make people laugh more than fart jokes. There are all kinds of fart jokes that you can tell, and many that you probably haven’t heard of yet. There’s just something funny about this bodily function that everyone from children to adults enjoys. If you like to tell jokes that are centered on farts, take a look at This website lists all kinds of fart jokes that you can read and share for free. You will also find a fart joke shop and other interesting things on this site. If fart jokes make you smile, take a moment or two to visit more info >>
The blog is a collection of non-veg messages and jokes which are passed to your cellphones through your pals. It will help you find latest cracking and scintillating messages which will leave the reciever with a smile and amazing impression on his heart about your wit and sense of humor. The blog is intended for hindi lingual. It may have adult verbals, so unsuited for minors. Don`t forget to leave comments if you like but not necessarily. Friendship messages acts as water for the tree called dosti. Be careful not to forward adult message to a friend who dislikes it as it may cause serious negative effect on him/her about you. more info >>
Gagknight is a project made for the people which holds funny pictures for the entertainment and enjoyment of people. It holds vast variety of funny content which fits your mood and fill up your day with laughter and joy. Gagknight is gaining popularity now a days as a good gag website. Morever, you can find many of our content on our facebook page which is mentioned on the website's main page. People will not get bored on our website as our connten is unique. I would recommend this page to gag lovers as these pages are gaining well amount of popularity now a days. more info >>
Relax for a while and enjoy this collection short and funny jokes in English, Hindi, Punjabi, Urdu, Tamil Marathi and other regional languages of India. Share these jokes with friends on facebook and twitter and become popular among your friends. In the modern fast life, people have very less time for entertainment and relax. So we collected the jokes which are short and quickly relax your nerves. The site also has facility to forward jokes of your choice to your friends. We post only clean jokes which fit for Children also. We never post racial jokes, hence people of all countries and races can enjoy them. more info >>
At Funny Jokes & Quotes website you‘ll find a lot of funny stuff - jokes, anecdotes, sayings, proverbs, quotes and a new joke of the day on every single day. We aim to offer you only the best funny jokes from different categories – absurd jokes, adult jokes, blonde jokes, brand jokes, Chuck Norris jokes, Christmas jokes, funny quotes, funny tweets, different profession jokes relationship jokes and much more other jokes. Open our website everyday and find a new and funny joke or quote! You can rate your favorite jokes and share them with your friends on different social networks (Facebook, Twitter, G+). more info >>
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