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Have a laugh—it’s good for the soul. It’s good for the heart, it’s good for your facial muscles and it’s good for everyone and anyone who spends any significant amount of time around you. So go ahead, crack a smile. It’s infectious in the best way possible—the word of the day is “joy,” now go spread the word. That’s the modus operandi of humor and it’s a more noble cause than many give it credit for. But we’re not about to make that same mistake. That’s why we’ve dedicated an entire section of our Recreation directory to humor. Our Humor directory runs the gamut of the many faces of this noble pursuit. That being the mission of making you chuckle, making light of a situation and breaking the tension. Humor is the release valve that keeps society from exploding. It’s the subtle way in which we relate to people who, on the outside, seemingly have nothing in common with us. And it’s the palatable segue that lets us delve into the sensitive issues, air our dirty laundry and reconcile our fears and prejudices. Humor is a big deal—in fact, in the U.S., satire is protected speech. That’s right—humor ranks right up there with liberty, life and the pursuit of happiness. After all, what’s life or liberty without a little bit of lightheartedness?
Lucky for you, the Internet is a veritable cornucopia of laughs. Whatever tickles your funny bone, we’ve got a sampling of the best stuff on earth right here in our Humor directory. From practical jokes and pranks to stories and stand up, our Humor directory is chockfull of content that’s sure to keep your sides split in perpetuity. Ready to laugh? Then swallow that sip of water (lest it come spurting out your mouth with laughter) and click on the links right here in our Humor directory.
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