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I am a professional freelance writer, columnist and copywriter working from the UK but providing service to clients anywhere in the English-speaking world. I recently started writing humour and spoof articles (please excuse the British spelling)and these have proven popular. In addition, as a professional copywriter I was asked by a client (a British rock and blues musician) to write humorous/spoof articles, "Monty Python" style, for his fan blog. This was an usual request and quite a challenge for any copywriter. Nevertheless, a good copywriter has to be versatile so I took it on. I was delighted that my client and his fans liked my work. This positive feedback has prompted me to set up a blog where I can regularly post such articles as I write them. The intention is to add articles regularly. My goal with the blog is simply to make you laugh and enter some insouciance into an otherwise overly-serious world and perhaps too to display one aspect of my writing skills. I have a lot of fun writing these articles and hope visitors to my blog will have as much fun reading them. more info >>
The articles you regularly forward to your email friends. Things that make you LOL in an otherwise empty room, or bend your mind in a new way. Not for the kids, and not safe for work. Before you know it, it becomes your favorite guilty pleasure. Original jokes, comedy and observations on daily life. Thoughtful, incisive, internet reposts that generate snickers, chuckles, guffaws and gales of laughter. Everything from bathroom humor to cynical satire. Cobwebs in the Wine Cellar is like lots of other humor sites, with one significant difference: the guy that posts articles here is genuinely funny! Whether you visit every day or subscribe to the RSS feed, you can save yourself the time you normally have to sort through the unfunny just to get to the funny. Cobwebs does it all for you! more info >>
Meticulously crafted satirical essays with liberal use of images and .gifs to advance the comedic narrative. Politics and social issues are common targets, though sometimes posts are rooted entirely in the absurd. Posts are as a rule short enough to be read in about 5 minutes, and the reader is never presented with a "wall of text." Rather, there will be a handful of well-crafted sentences followed by a carefully selected image or gif. It is the assumption of the author that the reader will not likely be interested in investing hours to get a laugh, when there are millions of other sites on the web. more info >>
Funny Product Reviews : Randy's Review
Sometimes the best reviews aren't so serious. Randy's Review is a collection of funny product reviews written about products ranging from bacon earrings to name-brand vacuums. Randy also writes about phone apps, your favorite foods, and "top 10" product lists. All reviews are written with a comedic wit that makes them fun and interesting no matter how average the product may be. There are so many angry and/or ridiculous reviews spread across the internet, they make for great humor. That's where the idea for Randy's Review was born. Instead of reading reviews that take themselves too seriously, check out a review that does just the opposite. more info >>
A blog is a place where you write about you about the things around you. I write about all the things I like and the things I don`t like, with my own brand of humour that I dare to call sarcastic. That`s how came to be, out of my pure joy of being sarcastic and my love for writing. I don’t have a topic, I don’t have a niche, I just have the world around me to write about, and the world inside me. I hope you like, and this time I`m not being sarcastic, I hope my words will bring some fun to your day more info >>
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