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From new motorcycle launches to motorbike racing and accessories, is motorcycle news website updated daily with all the latest news and views that matter to the two-wheeleed community. Covering all the major brands including Ducati, Yamaha, Suzuki and Harley-Davidson, motorbike is your one stop news source to keep in touch with whats happening in the world of motorcycling. Thinking of buying a bike, thinking of learning to ride a motorcycle or just want the latest motorcycle news then visit our website today. The site also covers major motorcycle races including world super bikes and british super bikes. more info >> was established to delve deeper into all things motorcycle. In addition to regular news about the world of motorcycles, we also look at how to ride better, faster and most importantly, safer. We go through tips and techniques that will make you a better rider on the road and also the track. also publishes detailed guides (with videos) on basic and advanced motorcycle maintenance, "How To" guides and general articles. Our associated Youtube channel has the best videos on motorcycles on the internet. also reviews motorcycle related books and documentaries. We also review and recommend motorcycle gear - but only the stuff we've actually ridden with. more info >>
Wind Burned Eyes is a resource for people who want to learn how to ride a motorcycle. The content is about earning your motorcycle license, buying and owning a motorcycle and buying the right kind of gear. The website is focused on providing people with useful information on how to become a motorcyclist and how to hone their skills as time goes on. All information pertains to new riders, returning riders or those who want to ride, but have not yet begun their journey as a motorcyclist. We review gear, bikes, provide advice and answer any questions our readers may have. more info >>
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