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Welcome to the directory for recreation and motorcycles. Here, we collect links on motorcycles, motorcycle communities, competitions and associations, and other aspects related to the two-wheeled ride. Generally, motorcycles fall into one of three categories: street bikes, off-road motorcycles, and dual purpose rides. Street bikes are seen mostly as a mode of transportation rather than pure recreation. They include smaller bikes such as scooters and mopeds. Off-road motorcycles are used in racing competitions and rough terrain riding. Their design allows them to accelerate over and around obstacles and to maneuver despite uneven roadways. Dual purpose bikes include features of both street and off-road motorcycles; they can be used in either terrain. The culture of motorcycles is prevalent worldwide, and communities have grown up around particular brands and models. We collect links in our Motorcycles directory that include classifieds, bulletin boards, events, and publications, which may help motorcycle enthusiasts to explore their passion in greater depth. For adrenaline junkies, there is a subdirectory on motorcycle racing, which includes a variety of models that have been modified for competition. Motorcycle maintenance, parts, and accessories are also covered. Typically, motorcycle parts and accessories are meant to improve the safety or performance of the bike. They may also help expand the capacity of the vehicle, such as the addition of a sidecar or trailer. Modern riders are also encouraged to wear motorcycle helmets, and in some states, special insurance coverage and bike gear is necessary in order for drivers to remain street legal.
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