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Metal Detecting
Metal detecting, coinshooting & treasure hunting - Have Detector Will Travel
Have you ever thought about what you could uncover if you owned a metal detector? People from all around the world spend years looking for lost treasure with metal detectors. Some people even find many valuable items buried far beneath the earth’s surface. At, you can read about one person’s journeys with a metal detector. From unearthing stolen goods to finding Civil War treasures, this website is full of fascinating information about metal detector treasure hunts. If you love finding new things and going on adventures, then you’ll love reading more info >>
Do you have an ambitious hobby such as treasure hunting, gold prospecting, coin collection, or metal detectors? At Metal Detecting Secrets our goal is to create a site that acts as a tree with branches as the hobby sites. We want to share as many sites that interact with these hobbies as possible. This will help people of all walks of life open up to not only a thrilling hobby, but the possibility to strike it rich. We want to be the online glossary for all of these hobbies so that we may share a wealth of knowledge and experience amongst everyone. Let us bring these hobbies together today by posting your treasure site to us. more info >>
Garrett Ace 250 Metal detector
Start your treasure quest with the most popular metal detector of the world; the famous Garret Ace 250. This detector is perfect for beginners due to it's friendly user interface and good performance. Advanced metal detector hobbyists also often rely on this detector mainly as a solid backup tool. Since the introduction of the Garret Ace 250 it always had excellent reviews and little complaints. This American made product has been on top of the market and loved by almost every metal hobbyist due to it's performance and good price. Start digging today and find out what's beneath your garden or field! more info >>
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