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Survival and Primitive Technology
Your Wilderness Survival Guide
A website about living in the wilderness, either as a challenge, extreme sport, or genuine attempt at rejecting modern society and returning to nature. It contains articles on general bushcraft skills (making fires, constructing primitive tools and weapons, water filtration, building rafts and shelters), survival courses and accessories, places on the Internet in which survivalists can communicate with like-minded individuals, and studies of primitive cultures and how they adapt to the often harsh environments in which they live. Recently, the site has started to address broader but related issues such as how to survive an economic collapse, and even how to survive a declaration of martial law in America. more info >>
Zombies Plague - Survival and Escape
World and local governments are outrageously unprepared for the coming massive zombie outbreak. Here at Zombies Plague we have created an in depth collection of articles and e-books on how to survive the invasion of the walking dead biters and other disasters. It isn't just about running and fighting, plenty of information on prepping for survival outdoors in the wilderness or surviving in a city of the dead. We also have a zombie flash game arcade to waste your time. Plus videos you gotta love if you are a fan of the living dead or a fan of those who hunt them. more info >>
Located in various locations across Perth, WA, State swim provides swimming lessons to people of all ages. State swim has 7 schools in WA, operating in Victoria and South Australia as well. Swimming lessons by State swim are comprehensive and nationally recognised, providing qualification for children and adults. The team at State swim are helpful and experienced, making it easy for children to learn in a safe and caring environment. Facilities are clean and child friendly, with pools heated to a warm 32 degrees. Catering to children as young as 1 year old, state swim holds a unique “waterbabies” program. more info >>
Survival Supply Chest
We are a survival and prepping authority site. Our articles help people learn how to become better prepared in the event of emergencies of all sizes. We also will teach you general survival tips and living off the grid. From get home bags to bug out bags, we teach you how to survive. Everyone needs to know about get home bags and have them in their vehicle. We show you what type of bag to get and also what to put inside it. We didn’t stop there, also learn how to create a bug-out bag as well! Check out Survival Supply Chest for all your survival and prepping needs. more info >>
We are a survival and prepper blog geared towards helping people become more prepared and self reliant during hard times. We have hundred of articles, resources and products to help people build their emergency supply. We also offer tools and tips for people looking to increase their long term food storage including survival food and food buckets. During hard times people need to learn to be more self reliant and not depend on help from others. We offer valuable tips and articles on all the major topics being discussed within the prepper community. We also have great articles for homesteading and people interested in micro farms or hobby farms. more info >>
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