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Would you like to learn The Language of the Pack? Natural Dog Trainer and Dog Whisperer, Pam Whyte uses The Language of the Pack to cure all behavior problems, and to bring dogs of all breeds - especially Pit Bulls, and all ages under willing control. Nature`s formula for Obedience uses no force, no punishment and no artificial gimmicks - only love, trust and the thoroughly proven - Language of the Pack, which Pam has learnt from studying wild dogs in Africa for over 40 years. All dogs want to be good - they only need to be understood! There is no such thing as a naughty dog - only a confused dog! Pam shares the secrets of the dog`s mind with families around the world! Doesn`t your dog deserve it? Don`t you? more info >>
Dogs Talk, Training Advice and E-Book
If your pet is not very smart, smartin up and check us out! Our site is home to a doggie blog, quality dog training information and even a doggie jokes page. For people thinking about purchasing a dog, our dog breeds page will be a good place to start as we have a brief discription of more than 120 breeds of dog. When you bring your new puppy home the next step is to give him or her a name and by visiting our doggie names page you will find a list of boy and girl names to choose from, submitted by fellow dog owners. more info >>
Truly madly animals offers a unique online buying experience where you can choose the garment, the colour and size of your choice then have it personalised with the animal design of your choice which can be further personalised with wording or message of your choice in the colour thread of your choice in this way you can create a unique gift for yourself or a loved one. Over 150 dog breeds with 1000s of designs within the various dog breeds from the tiny chihuahua to the tall great dane, the working border collie to the lovable westie we have the breed you are looking for. Horse designs from the beautifull arabian to the huge Shire horsewear rugs and saddlecloths embroidered and personalised. Cat designs include the exotic persian to the everyday tabby we can help with the moggy of your choice. Buy securely online with paypal or credit card we are an established busines of over 20 years buy with confidence. more info >>
Dog Owner Dating
Dating Puppy is a online dating resource for dog owners who are single. Wouln't it be good to find someone who shares your passion and love for dogs. Don't you think that compatibility based around one of your basic love of dogs, will provide a better opportunity for finding someone with your values. You know yourself, that dog owners tend to be caring people. In that respect this site, which offers dog owners with an online dating opportunity, brings together people who care about things other than themselves. We have literally thousands of dog owners who are looking to date a dog owner that someone that shares their interest. Come see what Dating Puppy has to offer. more info >>
As a dog walker I have become aware that the more information I know on the history of dogs and their behaviour, the better I am able to perform my job. While this site started out as a big advert for my dog walking and pet sitting services, I have used my skill in market analysis and market research to provide readers with some of the most unique and 100% original dog articles you will find on the net. For instance I have found a directly link between dog ownership and wealth per captita of a country’s citizens. I also map season search trends on Google for cats and dogs and look at the evolution of the domestic dog from its wolf origins through to the 14 ancient breeds that now exist. You will find a very comprehensive dog article index on my site. more info >>
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