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More than half of everyone reading this has a pet and that is a proven fact! Pets are companions first but a very close second is that we love having them for our recreation. Instead of spending money on dinner and a movie we can go take our dog for a walk and visit the local dog park to talk with other dog owners and meet new people. These days’ pets are widely used as fun and entertaining alternatives to initiate social interaction and create exercise opportunities. Pet lovers are drawn to other pet lovers in a community sort of way and there are plenty of clubs and associations where they can meet and mingle. Pets are also a great way to force yourself to get outside and enjoy a nice brisk walk or run in the neighborhood or park. Even wild pets like birds, fish and reptiles can gather a group of people who will just watch and comment on the interesting things they do for hours. Who needs television! In the Pets directory you will find extensive links and resources that offer information on how to experience your favorite pet in a recreational way. The directory comes complete with guides to social interaction, exercise, outdoor etiquette, top dog parks and associations to join to meet other pet owners with the same likes and dislikes as you. Within this informative directory we’ll make sure we leave no stone unturned and give you the specific information you need to have as much fun possible with your pet.

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