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Fish and Aquaria
This site details a unique view of tropical fish. Thats right its uniquely mine. I will detail experiences on tropical fish in terms of types of fish, both marine and freshwater that exist in the tropical zone. This includes both aquarium fish and food fish in terms of behaviors and facts as well as any anecdotes be it from a fish keeping perspective or a fishing perspective. There are also experiences in terms of aquarium supplies, filtration and general fish keeping. A view and accounting of downtown aquariums in general with a lean towards tropical fish is also provided. Touching on all and any fish related topics from the tropics will be the ultimate goal as well. Tropical Fish Catalogs, a unique view of tropical fish information. more info >>
Tienda Acuarios is a web site dedicated to the world of aquariums. In our store you can find from budget initiation Aquariums to completely custom built ones, motors, oxygenators, ...., everything you need to enjoy your hobby. Moreover our blog you can purchase the best tips to keep your aquarium, fish care, pruning plants and industry news. Are you undecided on the type of aquarium that best fits your space, time or conditions? Want to know what kind of fish is best played in your aquarium and plants are the best? In we help with these questions. You can contact us through our website, e-mail, facebook, twitter, youtube or google plus. more info >>
A searchable database of tropical freshwater aquarium fish and aquatic plants running since 2005 that does primarily focus on raising and breeding species in home aquariums, along with information about most common biotopes that are setup by aquarists. The site also offers articles and free forums dedicated to fishkeeping in English, German, French and Slovak and additionally brings a specialised section for marine species with profiles and articles devoted to the marine part of the hobby. The site contains thousdands of pictrues and hundreds of articles, in addition these are grouped by topics while fish and plants species are grouped by families as per scientific classification. more info >>
Exporter of Live Tropical Fishes. Located in Sri Lanka. Since year 2007 more info >>
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