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This is the website for the Rescue and Animal Care Magazine. This magazine, distributed in veterinary surgeries across the UK, contains animal news, animal care tips, and details on how to rescue animals. The Rescue and Animal Care website brings all of these features to the internet. There is a regularly updated news section that allows people to read fun stories about pets, animal charity news and view details of upcoming animal events. The website also features a comprehensive veterinary directory and rescue centre directory. Another feature of the website that carries over from the magazine is reviews of new animal care products. For some of the products, the website also gives free discount codes and vouchers. more info >>
Tony Hakim is an animal lover and has a blog to discuss about the intricacies of the animal kingdom be it in the wild or domestically. Whether it be about grooming cats and dogs or about smallest animals in the world, this blog serves as a guide for people that want to get to know more about animals without reading complex terminology in encyclopedias and dictionaries. Tony Hakim is based in Australia and is a man that loves his pets. He has several pet dogs and loves taking them for a walk in his surrounding neighborhood. He loves his pets and in turn the pets love him back. He wishes to extend his blogs out to people who are also interested in animals more info >>
Find the latest, interesting articles and also evergreen information about pets. Out pets are great and each of them is different. Not every site in the web covers everything in detail. But we plan to. You can find answers to any question you have about your pet in our site. Interviews with experts are also in the talks which should bring a lot of clarity in today’s world. There is a lot of quality information about your pet’s nutrition as well. So, visit us and learn more about grooming, training and also finding the right food for your lovely friend(s). more info >>
Watch cute cat videos, funny dog videos, and amazing kitten GIFs at wannasharethis, the website with the best pet clips and tips on the web! Our heartwarming videos will make you smile! If you love animals, you should also read our great articles about how to walk your cat on a leash, or which are the best shoes to buy for your dog. wannasharethis is a real community for animal fans to watch videos and discuss them in the comments section. It is also a great place to learn more about cats, dogs and other exotic animals. Finally, you should not forget to participate in our quizzes and polls to test your knowledge and see if you are an animal specialist! See you soon on our website! more info >>
We are a newly started blog and online resource about pet animals and pet products.. So far we have only covered hamsters and cats, but other pets will follow shortly. Rest assured! As pet lovers, we are on a mission. We want to provide accurate information to as many people as possible about all kinds of pet animals. Because we believe that learning as much as you can makes you a better owner. We also review popular pet products, such as cages and food, to help you buy the best products. Hopefully you agree, because we want you and your pet to have a great life together. Welcome! more info >>
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