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Open heavens devotional is a christian devotional guide. The church headquarter is located in Africa, nigeria. The devotional is updated everyday with a new topic that is a guide for Christians to navigate the bible. Furthermore,the site is for people that do not have access to the hard copy. Open heavens guide, covers all the facets of a christian which includes bible verses that talk about sin and redemption. There are also hymns for people to sing from, more so, the devotional is not limited to one church alone but for all who would want a divine epiphany. The blog is updated one for each day for the whole year. There is also a bible in one year programme which is incorporated to the devotional to help Christians or anyone read the bible in a whole year by reading short verses each single day. More like a cover to cover of the bible. But this time in a form you`ve never seen it before. more info >>
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