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Can you capture the continent of Africa in just a few paragraphs? Unlikely. But let’s give it a shot. Africa is home to two of the most compelling assets on the globe: its land and its people. Even those who haven’t traveled to Africa understand the grandeur and majesty of Africa’s land. We’ve seen the landscapes and deserts featured on the covers of National Geographic and other adventurous magazine spreads. From the roar of the lions to the breathtaking beauty of a flock of flamingos taking flight, there is something undeniably mythical about the natural landscape and wildlife of Africa. There are wild animals of greater proportion, greater intelligence and greater beauty than you’ll find in any other corner of the globe in Africa.
But more important to Africa than its natural lands are its people. Africans honest, warm-hearted, full of life and, of course, numerous. Africa is the birthplace of humanity and it’s the cradle of culture that has swept the entire planet. We can trace many of our traditions, our beliefs, our ancestries and our brotherhoods and sisterhoods back to Africa. And these values and connections are alive and thriving in Africa today.
We invite you to step away from the repeated images of genocide, civil war and strife that are featured prominently on the news. Take a look at Africa for what it is, a vibrant, fascinating and eye-opening land full of beautiful lands and people. Check out some of our links below about Africa to begin exploring what this continent has to offer.
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