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At Japan Tradings, our goal is to provide you with the cheapest import and purchase of Japanese used cars possible. No matter what country you live in our company will find the Japanese car of your dreams. Most used auto dealers outside of Japan have over head costs such as shipping and middle-man fees. At Japan Tradings we cut out those costs by going directly to the auction or dealer and getting the lowest price possible. Each vehicle that we purchase is carefully inspected by one of our professional dealers to ensure you get a top quality vehicle. With over 10 years in purchasing and importing cars from Japan, let us help you find the Japanese car you have always desired. more info >>
Have you ever wanted to visit the beautiful and historical country of Japan? Do you wish to stay among the Japanese people instead of other tourists? Then you need to check out Japan Stay Club. At Japan Stay Club, we offer listings of apartments for short term rent in the areas of Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka, and Yokohama. Our apartment rentals are not only an excellent alternative to motels, but is also far less expensive. All of our apartments come furnished with all the amenities that are offered by a motel. Browse through our outstanding selection of apartments and you are sure to find an apartment to your liking. Once you have found an apartment that suites you and your needs make a reservation and get started on a trip of a lifetime. more info >>
The author is an Australian living and working in Japan. Posts are regular, at least one every two weeks. This blog is friendly to other bloggers, and if you are kind enough to comment you will receive a dofollow link from your comment. Check out strange Engrish type signs, I call it Japrish. See cherry blossoms and the country-wide festivals. Look inside a the best capsule hotel in Osaka. Find things to do in Fukuoka. Discover all the different ways origami cranes are seen throughout Japan. Visit today at to prepare and get inspiration for your visit to Japan! more info >>
Michmerizing Tokyo
Hi, I`m Mich. I blog about how awesome and quirky Japan is. I moved to Tokyo about a year ago from a small town in Cebu, Philippines. I love Japan so much. I love the culture, the food, the people, fashion, and so on. My most favorite place is Harajuku. I am a very happy-go-lucky person so I always make sure to have new adventures every week. I can recommend must-visit places around Tokyo. There are so many fun and beautiful places that you must see. If you want me to guide you, I can also manage meet-ups depending on the schedule. I`d love to make friends with people from different parts of the world! more info >>
This website aims to save first time travelers to japan money and time. It offers ingenious ways to save cash while on short or long term holidays. There are guides with photos of free sightseeing locations all over the country. Gps locations of places and information on how to get there via the cheapest route aims to save the tourist time as well as money. The cheapest forms of accommodation are also included such as camping, couch surfing, cheap hotels, budget hostels, love hotels, sleeping in airports, comic book cafes among others. Types of work available to people on long term stay such as students, working holiday visa holders is also included. more info >>
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