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As you probably already know, Asia is the world’s most heavily populated continent thanks to the gigantic amount of total landmass it covers. A continent that includes the Middle East, Russia, India, China and Japan is nothing to turn your nose up at. Japan and China are well known worldwide for mass production of consumer products and innovations in technology. The Middle East has unfortunately been a hotbed of terrorism and war over the last decade and has been the focal point of negative media attention when it comes to Asia. Russia, once a dominant world power and arguably the main foe of the United States, is still a huge country but had had a large number of pieces brake off to form other, smaller countries over the last few decades. India has the world’s second largest labor force and continues to grow as a profitable and innovative country that offers a great deal of exports to other large countries like the United States and England. In our directory of Asia we will offer up detailed information on each country within the continent and cover everything from history and politics to imports, exports and tourism. No stone will be unturned when it comes to the continent and we will offer up links to detailed statistics on population and largest cities, geographic maps, spoken languages and information from experts on how the continent was formed and came to be what it is today.
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