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Are you thinking about taking an exotic trip? Consider the Philippines. The Philippines is full of fun things to do, interesting foods to try, and plenty of friendly people. After reading about the Philippines, you will find that there are many different things to try upon arrival. You will also find that different parts of the Philippines offer unusual activities and festivals. To find out more about the Philippines, visit This website offers lots of information about the Philippines that you will find intriguing. Book a tour, find a great excursion, or learn more about the Philippines today. more info >>
Whether you are sending a package or looking for a business, having the right postal code is vital. In some countries, finding the right postal code is easy. In other countries, finding a postal code is complex and confusing. If you are looking for a person or business in the Philippines, you may find the postal codes in this part of the world mind boggling. The good news is that you can use to find the postal code that you need. Simply enter the area (or select one from the list of areas listed), and the postal code that you are looking for will appear – it’s that simple. more info >>
Lucena is a small patch of land that’s located 137 kilometers southeast of Manila. Due to its location, Lucena is an important and busy fishing port. Aside from being one of the world’s busiest fishing ports, Lucena also offers an array of activities and events for locals and tourists alike. My Lucena is a website devoted to everything that’s happening within Lucena. If you plan on visiting Lucena, you will find out about all the latest events going on in Lucena on the My Lucena website. Even though this part of the world is not well known, it is a fun and exciting place for all to visit. more info >>
Allan of All Trades - Master of none
This is my personal blog. I talk about cars, guns, food, and travel. Mostly I talk about life in the Philippines. For all topics, I post reviews, tips, and news. I plan to attend trade shows and explore the ins and outs of each industry. I'm also an online marketer by day. I post about my career and how things are going. My blog turned 1 year old last April 2013. People say it takes about 4 years for it to go from cottage size to a giant. I hope I can reach that time and reap the benefits. I don't have any ads. My site is clean. more info >>
Pinoy Expat Forum • Pinoy Expat Community
This is a worldwide community of Filipino expatriates working and living abroad. In this site, they can gather information from other Filipino expats and OFWs while enjoying and having fun. They can share information about their country living in or get an idea from other fellow Filipino living abroad. Being away from home makes you lonely in some instances. Pinoy Expat Forum will be the hub of lonely OFWs where they can meet other Filipinos living and working abroad. Despite the distance between each other, they would feel being at home and happy as they are interacting with our fellow Filipino expats and OFWs more info >>
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