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Pakistan is a website mainly created for People of Attock. It is a first website for Attock City and District having most comprehensive information. Though it also covers topics related to Pakistan such as news channels, newspapers, public and private sector universities, facts and figures about Pakistan and also covering some information related to government of Pakistan. The website also contains a forum and a Picture Gallery. All the pictures have been taken by owner of website and are copyright protected. Our focus is to provide people really good stuff while they are surfing this website. District Attock used to be the largest district in Pakistan at time of its creation in 1904. But at a later stage a few tehsils were combined with District Chakwal. Now Attock District comprises of six tehsils i.e. Attock, Fatehjang, Hazro, Pindigheb, Jand and Hassanabdal. more info >> is a dedicated mobile phones portal which started with a sole purpose to provide up to date information on mobile and technology related news. The site also regularly publishes reviews and features on popular mobiles. The portal doesn't only cover news and reviews, but also provides detailed specifications and pricing information on all handsets. The feast doesn't end here, this portal caters for variety of other surfers. It provides themes, games, wallpapers, screensaver and software as well. As of now, portal is covering almost all major mobile brands, such as, Nokia, Samsung, Apple, Htc, Sony, Blackberry, Qmobile, Megagate. Beside all these things, the user community is what, which is continuously adding up to the value of website by adding valuable comments and reviews. more info >>
Site is Related to World Affairs, News, Amazing and Beautiful Places, Technology, Sports, General Knowledge, Great Personalities, Wars, Weapons, Animals and Computer Knowledge. Site is also covering issues related to my own country Pakistan, Pakistan Politics, Culture and People and Beautiful and Amazing places also. Pakistan main Politicians, Scientist, Current and Retire Army Generals Geo politics including Pakistan neighbors Afghanistan India and Iran. Pakistan and International Organizations and their beautiful pictures. Useful information about Blogging and how to promote Blog and famous sportsman of current and past era also available in my site. All big poets belong to Indian and Pakistan are also available in my site with brief history and pictures. more info >>
Site is Related to Pakistan Affairs, You can see most amazing places of Pakistan form deserts of Thar to green places of Punjab and Kashmir. Noble, respectful and great personalities of Pakistan politics and other fields are also present in my site. Leading sports man of Pakistan form Cricket, Hockey, Squash and Snoker also available in my site. Great and respectable Pakistani writers, Poets are also available. Details of all big and small cities of Pakistan are also available. and amazing pictures of beautiful Places is also a part of my site. Current news about politics and general conditions of Pakistan also included in my site. more info >>
Chitrali Culture | History | Languages
This website is on the culture, history, languages and literature of Chitral. Chitral is an ex princely state in the KPK province of Pakistan. It comprises many mountain valleys in the midst of Hindukush mountain range. Most of the valleys have their own distinct cultural and linguistic identity, making chitral one of the world`s most diverse cultural region. However Chitral as a whole has its own cultural and historical identity. Chitraly cultrure embodies all the values of its constituent cultures, like Khow, Kalash, Wakhi, Yidgha, Palula, Dameli, and many others. Many of these cultures and languages have been subject of research and study by world renown scholars, but many more still await serious consideration. is and endeavor to highlight the unique cultural heritage of this region and draw the attention of the world towards this wonderful diversity of cultures. more info >>
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