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The Republic of Croatia has a dynamic history that began as part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. It came out of World War I as part of Yugoslavia before declaring its independence in the 1990s. Today, Croatia is a member of NATO and is endeavoring to join the European Union, a goal that it hopes will lead to greater economic stability and growth. It is a country of contradictions; while there is a strong sense of nationality, Croats hold fast to their local traditions and identities, whether it is in their dialects, cuisine, or folklore. Historic cities, beautiful natural sites, and environmental wonders draw tourists and citizens alike. With our online directory of Europe and Croatia, you are able to get a virtual glimpse into a land that is both ancient and new. Websites listed here offer you information about travel to Croatia. They can help you prepare for your journey with advice on must-see tourist destinations. They can also assist you in purchasing vacation packages, including flights, transportation, and lodging, to make every leg of your trip affordable and comfortable. Other websites linked in our directory connect you to Croatian products and Croatian businesses. By working with a local provider, you can get the most authentic goods possible directly from the source. And if your goal is to understand Croatian people better, some websites in this section will take you into the culture of the land, from food to music to political concerns. It is all available in the Europe and Croatia directory.

Croatia is a country that’s often overlooked. Croatia is filled with beaches, sun, and plenty of great things to do. In addition, Croatian food is something that you will never forget. If you want to plan a trip somewhere that is unlike anywhere else, Croatia is the place for you. Mandre Island in Croatia is the only place to go if you’re seeking sun and fun. The best way to tour Mandre Island is to book an apartment near all of the best attractions. Luckily, we have the best apartments in Croatia ready and waiting for you. Check out our site and give us a call to find amazing deals on Mandre Island, Croatia, apartments. more info >>
When most people think about an island, they picture an island floating in the Caribbean. The fact of the matter is that Croatia has many beautiful islands to explore, and some of these are more serene than islands that can be found in the Caribbean. Unlike popular tourist islands, Pag Island in Croatia is untouched by large resorts and tourist shops. Instead, Pag Island consists of a long stretch of beach, plenty of sunshine, and great food. If this sounds good to you, make sure to visit our site. We offer apartment rentals on Pag Island for people just like you! more info >>
At, we want to teach readers about one of the nicest towns on the island of Hvar, located off the shore of Croatia in the Adriatic sea. At our site you will find everything from resources about sights and attractions to an in-depth background and history of Sucuraj. The city itself is a quiet fishing and tourist town that relies on both for its income. Located on the eastern part of Hvar Island, Sucuraj can be traveled to by ferry from mainland Croatia. With some of the most natural habitat and beautiful beaches in the world, Sucuraj is a majestic as it is historic. Come check us out and learn more about our lovely town. more info >>
Croatia is a gorgeous country filled with an amazing coastline. If you’re looking for a beach getaway, consider traveling to Croatia. You’ll find all the great pleasures about a beach vacation in addition to traveling inside of Croatia – one of the most fascinating countries on the planet. Even though you can book a standard hotel room in Croatia, it’s best to book an apartment if you want to visit the famed Brac Island. You will find affordable private apartment accommodations at Next time you think of embarking on a beach vacation, think about heading to beautiful and lively Croatia. more info >>
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