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Principles of Electrical Engineering
We provide online resource for electrical engineering. We will be writing example problems with solutions that is up to date and realistic ones. Our goal is to educate every student that are confused searching online for their homeworks and orojects. We are dedicated to include up to date problems regarding licensure exams for graduates. The founder of is also a college student that is aking electrical engineering program which is currently dropped out but making his time writing contents for undergraduates like him. Everything you are looking for - solved problems, applications, real life applications and many more. more info >>
Kaashaaneh Academy
This is an academy for installation mechanic. Here is provided wide range of different professional grades for engineers who want to improve their skills in designing or other parts of their carrier. We have different courses like different designing software like REVITE, measurement software like Carrier, and different skills which are essential for all installation mechanic engineers who wanna start his job in any company as designer or other job titles. We are doing our best to keep our professors up to date to last updates of standards and technologies which are being used all around the world and we ask them to share this standards with our students. more info >>
Grad Schools Blog
Gradschoolsblog describes admissions into Grad Schools, preparing for tests like gre, gmat, ielts and toefl. We will give advise on how to choose universities, how to apply for F1 visa, preparing for f1visa, f1 visa interview questions. We post handful of visa interview experiences that help you to understand the nature of usa visa interview and how to apply for your dependent spouse and getting work authorizations for your spouse. Also, we provide the information about the life in the united states for international students, applying for work authorizations, changing status to H1b from F1 visa, Green card process and Getting citizenship. more info >>
Learn Electrical Engineering from basic to advanced level. All topics on Basic Electronics, Electric Machinery, DC Machines, AC Machines, Power, Transformers and other topics are included. The site is designed to provide help to students on all topics regarding electrical. Understand core concepts and all courses which start from Basic Ohm law to advanced Kirchhoff Law, Motors and Machines. This site also provides help on Electrical Machines Laws and types of transformers such as Shell form, Core form, Step up, Step down etc. Also understand basic problems and instructions to solve resistors in series and parallel. Types of doping and DC machine construction from innermost to outermost part are discussed in detail. more info >>
Technobyte is mainly known on social media for their high quality and well-researched interesting facts from the domain of science and technology. Their facts are well backed up with authentic sources and are explained to readers in a simple Q&A format. Apart from this, Technobyte is also creating free academic courses for engineers. These courses are unique as they offer a connection between core academic concepts and real world events. This allows readers to envision the practical scope of their subjects. Most of these courses also feature projects for readers to perform and understand the respective topic with a hands-on approach. more info >>
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