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Engineering is the trade, profession and academic field of yesterday, today and tomorrow. The world needs good engineers more than ever, as the footprint of humanity grows ever larger on our environment and the impact of technology grows ever more complex in today’s society. From industrial engineers to software engineers, the discipline of applying scientific, economic, social and mathematical knowledge to the designing, planning and building of structures, processes and systems is precisely what our modern world needs. As perhaps one of the most expansive scientific fields of study, art and profession, engineering is best summed up in a nutshell as the pursuit of solutions for all of society’s problems. With this in mind, there is a mindset and talent for practical knowledge that is common to all engineers, but at the same time, there is a vast array of specializations, niches and multidisciplinary applications for engineering.
In our Engineering Directory, a prominent part of our Sciences Directory, we’ve attempted to carve out a subcategory and topic for every pertinent aspect of Engineering. By browsing through the subcategories and topics in our Engineering Directory, you should be able to gain a deeper, more comprehensive understanding of all the issues and considerations that are important to engineers, engineering and those who benefit from the engineering sciences. Take time to review the listings in our Engineering Directory and expand your horizons as you explore the fascinating and critical world of engineering. Whether you’re studying to become an engineer, looking for engineering jobs or are simply interested in learning more about what an engineer does, our Engineering Directory is for you.
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