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Environmental Science and Engineering
This is a content enriched civil engineering site which provides various information regarding civil engineering and its sub disciplines/branches. Literally, you can call it as a village of information (Info-villa) regarding civil engineering where you can expect to get most of the information related to this field. Since our website is newly launched, more features are yet to be added and we are always working hard to give you more. We have our blog section as well where you can read out quality illustrative articles on various topics. Similarly, you can subscribe to our youtube channel. More information given in our about us page. Also follow us in facebook. more info >>
We are planning to publish news and articles about electrical engineering, computer science, communication, green energy technologies and gadgets. We will be focused on new researches on this topics. Also we will write articles about our researches and fields. Our research areas are smart grid, green energy, electrical cars, microgrids, optimization on energy systems, green technologies, renewable energy, using them at home, their performance and cost, integration to electric grid, relationship between energy and the environment and more topics about energy. Our aim is improving knowledge about renewable sources and reduce usage of nuclear power plants and fossil fuel thermoelectric power plants. more info >>
Bore well services from Manasa have been extremely long-awaited since team has many skills at implementation. We bring best results in water well drilling in Bangalore. A lot of members of our group whether they are an association of surveyors or drillers, are very experienced to bring a better result in the project handle. We contain many customers in Bangalore and neighbouring cities, which have in approach our encourage after proper site narrowing review. We substantiate each process more professionally. We firstly ensure that there is a chance for water resource heritage. Many clients are benefitted after our water well drilling in Bangalore. We include many consumers in Bangalore and nearest cities, which have in relationships our sponsorship after proper site lessening review. We authenticate each process more efficiently. We initially ensure that there is a chance for water reserve stock. Many customers are benefitted after our water well drilling in Bangalore. more info >>
Engineering Projects | Science Fair Projects
Mechant is a website totally dedicated to Science and Engineering students. It helps with all the amazing and latest Ideas. There are many DIY projects and Science News. Mechant is for all the people who are willing to know how science and Engineering aiding us in our everyday today life. When "One Man's Magic is another man's Engineering", with this motto the team is endeavoring to think people this way. Engineering is solving a problem in a different way. We are here to prove that right. The Website will compel people to love science and the technologies that have evolved with time. more info >>
Electrical Harvesting
Eleharvest is specialized website discuss energy and technology matters such as: wireless power, wireless lighting, solar energy, wind energy, batteries and energy storage and more. Our posts usually talk about electricity utilization in many field like home and area decoration, wireless lighting and its accessory like switches electrical plugs. Eleharvest discuss critical subjects like battery corrosion, sulfuric, and maintenance. We going to present instruction and installation guides to ease understanding website subjects. We hope from our audiences activate with us and share website posts. Finally we wise globally speared and more success. more info >>
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