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We are an advanced engineering and manufacturing company who create solutions for the aerospace manufacturing industry. As more and more companies are switching to composite materials over metal, they are coming up against problems with part setup and part distortion. Our main product is NC-PerfectPart. This system allows you to automate part setup. It does this by compensating for any variance. Our side system is NC-Checker. This enables the user to check their machine tools capability on a daily basis. A lot of the manufacturing industry don`t realise their machine tool is incapable of producing the part before they begin the process. NC-Checker gives you that information. more info >>
A shop for electronics engineers. This site provides basic idea about electronic components and its working. From this site you can learn about verilog programming, vhdl programming, arm programming, ltspice programming, electric programming and a lot more. Also you can understand different electronics concepts like solid state device physics and modelling, communication systems, network theory, analog and digital circuits, electromagnetic theory and its concepts, bipoloar junction transistor and its applications, metal oxide semiconductor field effect transistor and its application, diodes and transitory working etc. A number of video tutorials which helps to understand the programming styles of different electronics tools. more info >>
CivilWeb Spreadsheets produce professional quality civil engineering calculation spreadsheets including drainage design, structural analysis, foundation design, flexible and concrete road and pavement design, marine engineering design and pile design spreadsheets. We include more than 100 off the shelf civil and structural engineering design spreadsheets calibrated to national standards. Being excel based, these professional spreadsheets are simple enough for non-professional users. We also create bespoke civil engineering design calculation spreadsheets created to order based on alternative national or international design standards or units. We aim to produce professional quality calculation spreadsheets available at a very cheap price which both professional engineers and homeowners to use. more info >>
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