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At the King Saud University located in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, Dr. Fahd Abdullah Alturki has been teaching Control and Electrical Engineering since 2001(1422H) as an associate professor and teaching since 1984. Dedicating most of his research to the applied sciences of Neural Networks and Artificial Intelligence. Dr. Alturki graduated from Sheffield University in the U.K. with a Ph.D. in Control Engineering in 1993(1414H). Along with ways to contact Dr. Alturki, he has provided valuable links for his students. These include links to K.S.U. itself, along with helpful links on what his classes have to offer and the projects that are due. Dr. Alturki has also provided ways to get a hold of him. more info >>
Astinco is an established engineering design company, and is an expert in the custom electronic engineering field which comes from over a decade of experience in their field of work. Astinco makes every effort to be the best in the business, and to provide their clients with exceptional services. Astinco is based in Toronto, and offers hardware, software, and custom electronic design services that are cost-effective and available to both local and international customers. Other provided services include embedded system design and PC software/web applications. You can contact us through our email address ( or with our toll-free number (905 - 918 - 3098). more info >>
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This is a site intended to help young individuals in the problems of electrical engineering and IT services. We also provide consultant services for business startup. All of that for free at no charge to the client. The idea was to spread the knowledge in the engineering and IT sector in SE Europe, because its a poor region which needs someone to push up the next level by doing some community work. We plan to apply for a grant(non refundable) and employ some people which will be online during work hours. The site will be written in English and Macedonian language and it will also have archive with books from various authors translated to Macedonian language. more info >>
Why choose Tilco for your next product design? We have a long history of design and bringing product to market on time and on budget. Whether your volume requirements are in the low digits, or millions of units per year, we have the expertise to meet your needs in timely and very cost effective manner. As testimony to our service and dedication to our clients, we are doing business with some of our clients for over 15 years. In addition to microcontroller based design, Tilco also provides analog and digital design, PCB services, testing and assistance with regulatory approvals. Today, more and more products are networked, be it through the Internet using Ethernet and WiFi, or locally through Bluetooth, ZigBee or some other low power RF. Tilco has designed several products that enhance the user experience by allowing setup and control of a device through a smart phone or over the Internet. At Tilco, we spend considerable time each year attending seminars and keeping pace with the latest technologies, so that our design use the best solutions that are available, and ensure that the product lifespan is maximized. Please call us at 416 512-2904 for a free consultation and we will bring your ideas to reality. more info >>
Independently owned well engineering consultancy in Australia offering cost-efficient, sophisticated and innovative solutions towards the development and usage of energy sources. AWT aspires to continue to be Western Australia`s outstanding value provider to the gas and oil market. Both large and small-scale operators know the advantages in engaging with AWT International as part of the improvement of their industrial segments. Our technologies enables AWT to expand in aspects of `Emerging Technologies` that can help make step-changes in the oil and gas sector, and also alternative areas for energy production. AWT promises to build on this value by means of improvement of our capacities and incessant generation of fresh technologies. more info >>
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