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During my Ph.D. I learned a lot in the field of signal processing. You would be surprised how much mathematic is involved when processing a signal. For example, removing noise from a signal can range from a simple filtering process up to a complex optimization problem. Here I explain topics I learned during my PhD, with many pictures and examples to make it easier to understand. I also made interactive examples so you can experiment and a feeling for how things work. Usually they involved a plot representing the concept I am explaining and the user can change parameters with sliders and see how the parameters affect the plot. The website goes in depth and breath, even covering some topics in the field of electronics. more info >>
This is a unique site that easily blends simplicity with diversity of the knowledge. The author, having realized the need of a fully comprehensive site for teaching maths, physics and web development, have come up with an innovative way to address the burning issue of effective learning. The contents of the site are not only original, but also complement the subject matter in the three major areas that normally comes through traditional means. The resources that come in the form of fully interactive tutorials, randomly generated worksheets and animations have the potential to make the learning experience fun regardless of the steepness of the learning curve. more info >>
A Star Brisbane Maths Tutor is a premium maths Tutoring in Brisbane. Founded by a Mathematician. Specialising in IB HL Maths, IB SL, IB SL Studies, Maths A, Maths B, Maths C and University Level courses such as Statistics, Calculus, Discrete Maths, MATLAB and more. We also offer a free 15 minute consultation to ensure you are happy with our maths tutoring skills before selecting us and paying for tuition. All regular students can also access one hour FREE maths tutoring every Wednesday from 4-5pm. more info >>
Mathsplain is a new super-easy high level math tutor website. The goal of our project is to demonstrate that learning math can be fun, if everything is kept simple and easy to understand. The aim of this site is to show our users what they should do in order to solve a mathematical problem. Mathsplain is currently providing materials with a completely new approach for the following subjects: Precalculus, Calculus 1, Calculus 2, Calculus 3, Linear algebra, Probability theory. In 2015, our website was launched, with the aim of making these tutorials available to anybody, and so that finally everybody could see the bright side of learning. more info >>
Roman numerals reading rules and converter of numbers and calendar dates into Roman numerals. Roman numerals were used for almost 2000 years, first within the Roman Empire and later on in Europe, up to around 1300 AD., when they were slowly replaced by the Arabic numbers (took from Hindu). The two converters on the website can be used to convert Arabic numbers and also calendar dates into Roman numerals. All the results (for larger converted numbers, at least) are explained. All the conversions done with the calendar dates are also briefly explained, so this comes in handy, since you can do your conversions but also learn by examples. There is a well written section on Roman numerals reading rules, for anyone who would like to learn on how to write numbers by using the Latin symbols. Lists of Roman numerals up to 100, 1000 are available on site. All the conversions performed by visitors are available to anyone who would like to browse through the results. Website fully translated into German, English, Spanish, French, Italian and Romanian languages. Some other languages to follow. more info >>
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