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You might like math. You might despise math. Either way, you will be dealing with math for your entire life. Math adds structure to our society in a way that only it, along with science, can. The reason for this is that math and science are based in fact. Numbers, calculation, measurement and things like quantity, space and structure do not and will not change. They are constants in our lives as they were for every generation before us and will be for every generation after us. Unlike social studies, language, religion, philosophy and other “subjects” math is one thing we can rely on to always being accurate if done formulated correctly. We teach children math as soon as they can understand associations with colors or letters and continue to teach them new and more advanced forms of math until they are full-grown adults. Basic math is certainly much different than geometry, algebra or calculus but each cannot be learned without the foundation of the other. Our directory on math will offer up specifics on the correlation between math and science and exactly how they truly are the foundation of our modern society. After all, every bit of understanding that we garner about math and science brings us that much closer to understanding nature and the laws of our universe. We will attempt to offer up the resources you need to fully understand math and its correlation with science so you can educate others. So please, take a look around our math directory today!
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