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Logic and Foundations
During my first year of attending college as an undergraduate science major calculators were not permitted in class. They were expensive and it was decided that those students able to afford this technology disadvantaged other students. The slide rule was technology of choice in 1974. The following school year hand-held calculator prices dropped and they were no longer banned from the class room. I purchased an inexpensive engineering calculator that provided logarithms, exponents and several trigonometry functions. An overwhelming incremental technology improvement compared to that slide rule. Soon thereafter I had a brief conversation with a chemistry professor, a man in his late 50’s to early 60’s, about changing technology. With slight smile he said the technology is great and that he would adjust examinations to be more analytically challenging since less time is required to work the mathematics of problems. Therefore, students will benefit from the rigor of increased quantitative analysis. Unfortunately, the expectation of improved analytical rigor hasn’t found its way. Today many struggle learning and understanding mathematical concepts. It is the reason for Digit Math. To example and explain concepts that you need to succeed as our need for math accelerates and we continue forward in technology and science. more info >>
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