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How to find the surface area of flat and 3D shapes
We show you how to calculate the surface area of various common shapes. Some of these will be flat - or 2 dimensional - such as circles, squares, triangles etc. But many others will be considerably more complex 3 dimensional shapes such as spheres, pyramids and prisms. But what could be your reason for needing to know this? It could be that you have a homework assignment, or you're about to tackle a home DIY project and need to calculate the number of tiles or slabs you need to cover a particular area. Of course it would be so easy to just provide you with the formula - and if that is all you want or need then that's fine. But we will also break down the individual sections of that formula and show you how and why it is used, complete with examples. This way you will not only know the formula or calculation required, but understand the reason it is used. more info >>
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