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A major reason the mall is crowded every weekend with teenagers, elementary kids, college students and parents is to buy the newest gadget or toy. It is no surprise when Apple releases a new version of the iPod that the local Apple store has a line out the door for hours prior to opening. We go shopping and spend our hard earned money to purchase things that entertain us. There is a reason that Best Buy pays to advertise each week in your local paper and one of the main reasons is to showcase the new movies, video games and CD’s that will be released the following Tuesday. If shopping wasn’t fun – we would not spend our free time doing it. But not only is shopping fun, it is purchasing the newest item that we can spend hours using to keep ourselves entertained. Maybe your little one just gets finished watching the new commercial that tells him he must have the newest action figure. He won’t be quiet until it is purchased at the store and you don’t mind doing it because it will entertain him for hours. In our directory on shopping for entertainment you will find information on all the stores you can look to across the nation to carry the newest DVD or exercise machine. You will also find resources that offer up coupons and tips on how to get the best deals on the newest entertainment items.
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