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We aim to be the largest online portal related to knife sharpeners of all kinds. You can find on our website exhaustive guides on how to properly sharpen your knives as well as detailed reviews of the latest knife sharpeners on the market. From manual knife sharpeners to electric knife sharpeners, all the secrets to getting a razor sharp edge on your blades are carefully analyzed and presented to you in an easy to understand format. We even go into more niche knife sharpeners such as ceramic knife sharpeners, serrated knife sharpeners or even Asian knife sharpeners so if you are a knife enthusiast feel free to give us a visit, we are sure you won't be disappointed. more info >>
Loucoutellerie is a website giving free information about several types of knives and surviving tools. Our main page is dedicated to review the most popular butterfly knives (also known as Balisong), and give the visitor what he needs to buy a new one immediately. We also provide some reviews and comparison charts about other types of knives, like pocket knives, Japanese knives, automatic knives and many others. Our writers are from different countries, there are French ones, English ones and some Arabs. Which we find very useful to provide the best information on the internet, and create the ultimate guide for knives lovers. more info >>
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