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Just like every painter needs the right brush, every writer needs the right words and every carpenter needs the right tools, every cook needs the right kitchen equipment. Whether you’re cooking for an army of high class diners, a crowd of in-laws or a single special someone, your skills in the kitchen can either be inhibited or augmented by the kitchen equipment you wield. From simple timesavers, such as a stand mixer or food processor, to vital instruments with no equivalent—such as a cast iron skillet, deep fryer or wood-fired pizza oven—kitchen equipment can make or break a meal.
In addition to knowing which tools are required for each recipe, there’s also a great deal to understand in terms of the grade, quality and craftsmanship of any given piece of kitchen equipment. While practically every kitchen has a knife in it, only the highest end, gourmet kitchens have the professional culinary knives wielded by top chefs. Such high performance equipment comes with a much higher price tag, however, and understanding the difference and why it matters is key to determining if buying gourmet culinary equipment is an investment or an indulgence.
This is the kind of insight you can expect to find in our Kitchen Equipment directory. From industrial kitchens to a cozy breakfast nook, identifying the best buys in Kitchen Equipment can save you hours of prep and cooking time and help you create excellent meals. Check out all the links and resources in our Kitchen Equipment directory to find out how to save on the tools of the trade.
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