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Food Preparation
Are you getting ready to open a restaurant? Want to become your own chef? Or are you just looking for a good deal on kitchen and bathroom electronics? Then you have come to the right place at Forum Appliances. Our site carries many of the top kitchen and bathroom appliance brands including: Panasonic, Hamilton Beach, Cuisinart, Breville, DeLonghi, Waring, and many more. We offer competitive pricing with a very secure payment method through our McAfee secured site. Forum appliances has been open in Vancouver, B.C., Canada since 1995 and our online store since 1999. First our store was dedicated to selling Asian small appliances, but since expanding to the world wide web, we now offer over 400 brands. Come check us out for all your small appliance needs. more info >>
Food Service Warehouse is the largest online provider of restaurant and food preparation supplies on the Internet. We also offer our Specialty Education section that provides educational articles about restaurant and industry topics, where we add to the conversations already taking place within the industry. Our goal as a business is to provide the best restaurant supplies and service available to our customers, and to do so in an environmentally friendly way. Additional goals include offering certified product experts who provide quality you can count on as you build your business, unbiased education resources, and different service from the industry status quo. more info >>
Modern and simple design combined with cold brew coffee science and the result is the Penguin Coffee cold brew coffee infusion pitcher. This pitcher will produce the most intense, concentrated cold brew coffee you have had, right in your own kitchen. Crafted from durable, high impact borosilicate glass with an impact absorbing ring so you do not have to cringe every time you put the pitcher down on a hard counter top. Double layer stainless steel filter. Micro-mesh inner layer of the filter provides ridiculous filtering to keep coffee grind dust out of your cold brew coffee. Decorative outer layer for stability, durability and good looks. Air tight stainless steel lid with food grade silicone gaskets. Filter sleeve to allow for complete drainage of the coffee from the filter when your brew is done. more info >>
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